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elevated ITALIAN comfort food

We are excited to announce that Mikey Pomodoro has gone brick-and-mortar! 
Come see us at Urbanspace | Vanderbilt; New York City's premier food hall.
Mere steps from Grand Central Station, and frequented by locals, tourists, and foodies alike, we are so proud to be part of one of the most buzzed-about culinary destinations in New York City. 

Lunch Special


New York inspired italian food

Native New Yorker and 13-year front-of-house restaurant veteran Mike Miranti pivoted to private chef work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Delivering 12-packs of ready-to-eat Chikky Parm sliders to friends and family, Mikey developed a cult following for his signature dish– he expanded to popups and was soon selling out events in under a day. Mikey Pomodoro Chikky Parms have been featured in Barstool Sports, Jomboy Media, and more.


Mikey Pomodoro's fast-casual Italian dishes are modern, convenient comfort foods inspired by family recipes and cooked with high-quality ingredients. 

We know that it will be love at first bite.

We know how much of a grind the industry can be, and we believe in achieving success without compromising the quality of life of our team. Pay equity is a core part of our mission and our employees make a living wage.

Mikey Pomodoro Favorites

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